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Geotechnical Investigation:

Either using a Hallow Stem Auger or Backhoe, we investigate the soil Strata and density of soil beneath the surface.

Percolation Testing:

Testing Wastewater percolation of soil for Septic Tank Design for Commercial Properties and Family Residences.

Double Ring Infiltration Testing:

Using a Double Ring Apparatus, water Infiltration is tested for drainage of the site for Commercial Properties and Family Residences.

Rough Grade Testing:

Observing Over Excavation and Grading Processes for building pads with Compaction Testing.


Observing Post Grade Processes such as Footing Compaction, Trench Compaction and Paving.

Phase 1 Testing:

Discovering a History of the site regarding any contamination of the environment.

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Patel & Associates, Inc. has been providing services to the Southern California Area for over 20 years.  We are here for all of your Geotechnical Engineering needs.  There is no project too big or too small for us to handle.  Our friendly staff including our licensed Geotechnical Engineer,  Stephen M. Poole, PE, GE has Almost 50 years of professional experience will be happy to assist and complete your project for you.

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12284 Industrial Blvd. Victorville, CA 92395


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